Resources for Unhoused Neighbors

WVHY Resource Guide – Comprehensive List of Food Pantries in the Valley

Know Your Rights Regarding the Changes to Section 41.18 of the Municipal Code [41.18 Know your Rights flyers – English – Spanish]

West Valley Food Pantry

COVID-19 Vaccination in LA County

Resources about Permanent Supportive Housing

Everyone In LA: an organization organizing support for housing justice across LA Yes in my LA! from the League of Women Voters has further information about permanent supportive housing:

Pasadena Supportive Housing Video: Pasadena Police Chief, Realtors, the Chamber of Commerce and service providers explain their success and why they support supportive housing in their community

Flyer with information about the proposed Topanga Apartments Permanent Supportive Housing complexDOWNLOAD

Myths and Facts about Permanent Supportive HousingDOWNLOAD

Facts about Supportive Housing from Everyone InDOWNLOAD

Supportive Services: the difference between crisis housing, bridge housing, supportive housing, and affordable housingDOWNLOAD

Presentation from LA Homeless Services Authority/LA Homeless Count about the scope of the housing crisis in LA Information about the HHH money allocated for permanent supportive housing in LA, and specific bonds/projects funded by Prop HHH Information about the “Housing First” approach to solving homelessness—which emphasizes providing homes, rather than services, as a first step—and its efficacy:

Supportive Housing 101 from the Corporation for Supportive Housing Evidence that Supportive Housing Works: report from Santa Clara County

Permanent Supportive Housing: an introductionDOWNLOAD

What effect will PSH have on my community? The Impact of Affordable Housing on Communities and Households: this report from the Minnesota Housing and Finance Agency collects information from studies about effects on property values, neighborhood crime, and other measures Addressing Common Neighborhood Concerns about Supportive Housing from the Corporation for Supportive Housing What effect will PSH have on local property values? Various studies nationwide have shown minimal effects, if any, on local property values from permanent supportive and affordable housing. Some reports include:

Information on financing and encouraging construction of Permanent Supportive Housing in LA County:

Presentation made to the City Council Select Committee on HomelessnessDOWNLOAD

Financing Permanent Supportive Housing in Los AngelesDOWNLOAD

Six strategies to increase the supply of supportive housingDOWNLOAD

Closing California’s housing gapDOWNLOAD

25 Solutions From A Builder’s Perspective To Fix The California Housing CrisisDOWNLOAD

Additional information on supportive housing:

“Beyond NIMBY”: Strategies for advocating for supportive housingDOWNLOAD